Kenneth Header

Kenneth is a totally self-funded feature film project that was shot in and around the city of York in England, it features Duncan Casey in an award winning lead role, an electrifying Stephen Mosely as the 'Ear Goblin', the beautiful Fiona Organ as Kenneth's love interest 'Kim' and a powerhouse debut performance from Terry May as the tramp 'Peter Wood'.

It is the first project from Monster Island Films Ltd; an independent film company based in the north of England which is dedicated to making films with spirit and imagination which aren't period dramas, gritty kitchen-sink northern sob stories or ridiculous mockney gangster parodies.

Writer/Producer/Director team Peter Anthony Farren and Oliver Semple are two people who got fed-up of being trapped in soulless office jobs and decided to take a roll of the dice and make movies instead!

Duncan Casey (Kenneth)

Award winning actor Duncan Casey is a star on the rise, with numerous small roles in big films (and big roles in small films like Kenneth) he is an in-demand talent that we are confident you will be seeing a lot more of in the future. (If you ever meet him ask him to do his Arnie impression - there's none finer).

Stephen Mosley (The Ear Goblin)

An actor, musician and writer of macabre fiction, Stephen is a lifelong horror movie fan who posses an encyclopaedic knowledge of horror film history (test him if you get the chance). Playing the part of the goblin has him following the footsteps of his heroes Lon Chaney and Boris Karlof.

Terry May (Peter Wood)

Actor, restaurateur, screenwriter, man of many talents. With such an assured and powerful performance it's hard to believe that Kenneth is Terry's film debut, and I think we can all agree that it's a hell of a debut.

Fiona Organ (Kim)

Fiona is a talented and beguiling actress and writer who predominately works on the stage, she hails from Dracula's favourite town of Whitby.

Oliver Semple (Producer, Co-Writer)

Whilst always having a strong love of films it wasn't until he was went to Lincolnshire University that he first became interested in making films.
Since co-writing and producing 'Kenneth' Oliver has written several short films and has just finished co-writing Monster Island Films second feature length screenplay 'Unlovable'.
He currently lives in York, still likes films and plans to make more of them.

Peter Anthony Farren (Director, Co-Writer)

Peter Anthony Farren has been a film obsessive since a very early age; his mind was irreversibly blown at the age of twelve after sneakily watching Predator when everyone else was in bed. Later in life when the thought of being trapped in the work leisure merry-go-round became too much he decided that the only course of action was to save the money and direct his very own feature film 'Kenneth'; from here on he intends to continue making movies with spirit, interesting characters and hopefully some monsters and/or robots. His next film will be the action and romance spectacular 'Unlovable', which will feature both monsters and robots!